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If your dentist has suggested a tooth extraction, you may be nervous or alarmed. However, understanding the reasons – and benefits – of tooth extraction can help ease your worries.

Most patients tend to feel slightly stressed out at the prospect of extracting a tooth, but the truth is, extractions can be done quickly, efficiently, and painlessly. Modern tooth extractions involve the use of advanced dental technology and effective sedation and result in minimal discomfort, which disappears in no time at all.

Our qualified team at Greenlake Dental in Seattle, WA offers tooth extractions near you. We will evaluate your oral cavity and suggest suitable treatments for infected, injured, or damaged teeth. Extraction is usually the last option, and we try our best to preserve natural teeth as far as possible.

Why Would You Need an Extraction?

There could be several reasons for a tooth extraction:

Hyperdontia: This means you suffer from overcrowding of teeth in the oral cavity, and one or more may need to be extracted.

Tooth Infection: If the dental pulp (the soft portion inside the tooth root) is infected, extraction may be the only way to stop the infection from spreading.

Orthodontics: If you need braces, the dentist may need to remove one or more teeth so that the braces can fit properly.

Loose Tooth: At times, teeth may be shaken loose due to disease or infection in the gums. If the tooth is loose, it may be better to extract it to save the bone in the jaw.

What Happens If You Don’t Get the Extraction Done?

If the required extraction is not done, you could suffer from overbite or continuing pain or discomfort. Your tooth may ache while chewing food, or the infection may spread to other teeth or to the gums.

In extreme cases, an untreated tooth infection or a delayed extraction could lead to an abscess, which is much harder to treat.

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