Non-Extraction Orthodontics

Non-Extraction Orthodontics in Seattle, WA 

Dental extractions are a common part of orthodontic treatment. In many cases, patients suffering from misaligned teeth or bites are recommended to get one or more teeth extracted to prepare for the orthodontic treatment. The teeth that are typically removed are the bicuspids.

Extracting teeth can reduce overcrowding in the mouth and provide extra space for the teeth to realign. However, our Seattle dental practice prefers to avoid tooth extractions due to the drawbacks of extracting teeth—lengthening of the face, narrow airways, susceptibility to jaw disorders and temporomandibular joint disorder. Tooth extractions can also cause bone deterioration.

By specializing in non-extraction orthodontics, we can help patients re-align their smile while keeping all of their permanent teeth.

What is Non-Extraction Orthodontics?

Non-extraction orthodontics, also known as functional orthodontics, refers to orthodontic treatment that does not involve tooth extractions. Our dentists focuse on the entire orofacial system when planning the orthodontic treatment. Non-extraction orthodontics combines traditional orthodontics with facial growth guidance therapy.

Instead of removing the teeth, the mouth’s arch can be expanded using functional orthodontic appliances. These appliances will gradually widen the dental arch so that the mouth can accommodate all of the permanent teeth without crowding. In addition to helping patients achieve a more beautiful smile, wider dental arches can also reduce the chances of a patient experiencing breathing issues.

No Extraction Orthodontics from a Dentist Near You

Are you interested in non-extraction orthodontics in the Seattle, WA area? Greenlake Dental is specialized in this field of orthodontics and can help you achieve your dream smile—all without any dental extractions.

Our dental team is dedicated to the beauty and health of your smile. We take pride in our friendly and caring approach to dentistry. You can rest assured that you will receive excellent orthodontic.

If you need experienced dentists near you for non-extraction orthodontics, give us a call to schedule a consultation today. Our dentists can determine if you’re a good candidate for non-extraction orthodontics.

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