Frenectomy in Seattle, WA

Many younger patients are affected by being tongue-tied or lip tied. Our team at Greenlake Dental offers convenient care to families in the Seattle, WA area. Our goal is to improve the function and appearance of smiles while boosting the self-confidence of our patients through the use of different treatment options. One such option is known as a frenectomy and has successfully treated issues that affect younger patients. Continue reading on to learn more about what a frenectomy is, when they are needed, and about the care our team provides.

What Causes Tongue and Lip Ties?

There is a thin tissue found in the mouth that is called the frenum. When it is overgrown it causes a tongue or lip tie, depending on the location as there are two areas the frenum grows in the mouth. A lip frenulum connects the inside of the upper and lower lips to the gum tissue in the mouth. A tongue frenulum allows the tongue to be held in place along the bottom part of it. Both of the frenums limit the movement which helps to prevent damage to the tissues. If a frenum grows too much, it can cause additional harm.

What Problems Do They Bring?

Individuals can experience difficulty nursing, speech impediments, pain and discomfort, periodontal issues, and bite misalignment with a tongue tie. Lip tied patients can have symptoms of pain and discomfort, difficulty nursing, receding gums, and misaligned or gapped teeth.

What is the Solution in Seattle, WA?

Your child’s dentist may suggest a frenectomy to help relieve the effects of an overgrown frenum. It is a simple procedure that clips the frenum safely and quickly. If your child is experiencing similar symptoms as those mentioned above, then contact our team at Greenlake Dental for a quick consultation with a member of our friendly and experienced local staff. Call our dental office in Seattle, WA for more answers to your questions regarding a frenectomy or other treatment options and see how our team focuses on providing quality care to patients of all ages.

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