Dental Bridges in Seattle, WA

If you’re missing teeth and decide to have our dentist at Greenlake Dental in Seattle, WA replace them, there are many options at their disposal. One of the choices is dental bridges, which can replace two or more teeth missing in the same area.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge closes a gap when teeth are missing along the upper or lower jaw. The false teeth in the bridge, which are known as pontics, bridge the gap between healthy teeth. They are set in a pink plastic base that looks like gums.

Types of Bridges

Here are four types of bridges that replace teeth:

  • Traditional bridges, also known as fixed bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Maryland bond brides
  • Composite bridges

Traditional Bridges

Our dentist at Greenlake Dental uses traditional or fixed bridges to replace two or more teeth that are missing. The bridge has dental crowns on each end, which fit over healthy natural teeth on either side of the gap. They are known as fixed bridges because our dentist near you in Seattle, WA bonds them in place.

Cantilever Bridges

A cantilever is necessary when only one side of the bridge can get support because there are no teeth on the other side. For instance, if the bridge is at the back of the mouth with teeth on only one side, then our dentists will recommend a cantilever bridge. A dental crown goes over the healthy tooth, and the bridge gets bonded in place.

Maryland Bond Bridges

If you’re on a tight budget and you have teeth missing in the front of your mouth, a Maryland, or resin, a bond bridge may be a good fit for you. These bridges use plastic teeth to replace missing ones, and metal wings on either side of the false tooth get bonded to stable natural teeth on either side of a fake one.

Composite Bridges

Our dentist at Greenlake Dental uses composite material to replace missing teeth by placing it directly into the space of the missing teeth. A metal ribbon attaches to another tooth to stabilize the bridge. Our dentists can finish this bridge on the same day you come in for the procedure.

If our dentist recommends a bridge to replace missing teeth, ask which of these four would suit you best.

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