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Bone Grafting in Seattle, WA

Many patients who’ve been told that they should have a dental implant procedure in Seattle, WA as a way to improve their oral health have also been told they may need a bone graft in conjunction with the dental implant.If you’re one of those patients, you may be searching for a dental practice near you that can provide both procedures from the convenience of one central location. The good news is that the board-certified and professional staff at Greenlake Dental have helped countless patients in Seattle, WA with both procedures from the comfort of our conveniently located Seattle, WA dentist office.

We’d love to meet you to answer any questions you have about the bone graft and dental implant procedure, but we also understand that you may want to get some questions answered before you make your appointment. If so, you might find the answers to the most commonly asked questions we hear at Greenlake Dental helpful.

Why does a patient need a bone graft procedure?

Generally, a bone graft procedure is required if a patient’s jaw bone is not strong enough to securely retain a dental implant without increased support.

How does a bone graft help strengthen a jaw bone?

The bone graft will integrate with a patient’s natural bone to increase the bone’s density, thereby increasing its thickness and ability to support the dental implant.

What are the types of bone graft procedures?

In general, Greenlake Dental can use one or two types of restorative dentistry in Seattle, WA to help restore the functionality of a jaw during a bone graft procedure – a harvested bone from the patient’s own anatomy, or an artificial bone grafting material that we order from a lab. We will discuss each option with you prior to your procedure to determine your preferences in your overall treatment plan.

Does a bone graft complicate my dental implant procedure?

The short answer is no, a bone graft will actually improve the outcome of a dental implant since it provides more support for the implant to adhere to – which means a dental implant from Greenlake Dental could last a lifetime if it has the proper support. However, the need for a bone graft in conjunction with the dental implant will extend a patient’s treatment and recovery time, both of which we’ll discuss with you prior to your procedure.

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