Rotary Endodontics in Seattle, WA

Here at Greenlake Dental, we have adopted rotary endodontics as a way to make root canal treatments more comfortable for our patients. Rotary endodontics is the use of electrically-powered dental tools for root canal treatments. Instead of the traditional, manual stainless steel files, our dentist uses power-driven files that are made from a nickel-titanium alloy. This alloy is more flexible than stainless steel and, as such, allows for better manipulation and negotiation through curved canals.

What to Expect

Root canal therapy involves cleaning out infected pulp from the canals of the tooth. Inflammation or infection of the dental pulp is often as a result of severe dental caries, trauma, or because of cracks in the tooth. Infected dental pulp can cause severe distress, including the formation of abscesses, as well as severe pain. During root canal therapy, the dentist carefully removes the diseased pulp and then cleans out the canals to ensure adequate disinfection. The last step involves sealing the canals using gutta-percha to prevent re-infection.

Traditionally, removal of the diseased pulp involves using dental files that are inserted inside the canals through the manual manipulation of the dentist. The downside of this conventional method is that it doesn’t offer adequate precision or accuracy. It can be challenging to move these files through curved canals, and this may lead to longer treatment times and a need for retreatment.

With rotary endodontics, our dentist uses electric-powered dental files, which can be easily negotiated through the root canals with accuracy and precision. Rotary endodontics tools also have in-built detectors that enable the dentist to avoid perforating the root tip. The accuracy and efficiency of the power-driven files translate into shorter and more comfortable treatment sessions as well as more predictable results.

Advantages of Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics promises excellent benefits both to the patient as well as the dentist, including:

  • Faster treatment which means less time in the dentist’s chair
  • No scary or unpleasant noises during the procedure
  • Better precision and accuracy
  • Higher quality treatments
  • Increased comfort during treatment
  • Reduced post-operative sensitivity

Are you struggling with tooth sensitivity? Do you have severe cavities that require more than a filling? You may need root canal treatment. Contact Greenlake Dental today to schedule an appointment with our dentist. Thanks to rotary endodontics, you will enjoy a safe, comfortable, and precise root canal treatment that will give your teeth a much-deserved new lease of life.

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