A panorex is a two-dimensional x-ray that displays both jaws and the teeth on one film. Panorex x-rays allow dentists to capture a comprehensive view of the patient’s oral health, including any tumors, extra or impacted teeth, cysts, and lesions. With panorex x-rays, dentists can detect pathologies that might remain unidentified in less detailed x-rays.

At Greenlake Dental, we rely on panorex x-rays for the diagnosis and treatment of various dental problems, including periodontal disease, temporomandibular joint disorders, oral cancer, and orthodontic assessments.

What to Expect

As a safety measure, you will wear a lead apron to protect yourself against radiation. You will also be asked to remove any jewelry, as this could interfere with the quality of the images.

Our radiography technician will then ask you to bite down on a special tool or bite blocker that will assist in positioning your head for optimal imaging. You will then remain still as the machine revolves around you in panoramic motion to capture the required images. The x-ray unit can be adjusted to accommodate various heights, including patients who are seated or in a wheelchair. The entire imaging process lasts less than a minute—approximately 20 to 30 seconds. The captured images will be displayed digitally or on traditional x-ray film.

Panorex x-rays are painless. You don’t require any special preparation before undergoing imaging.

When Do We Use Panorex?

On average, patients require panorex x-rays every five years. However, our dentist may recommend panorex x-ray at any point, depending on their professional assessment of your needs.

Some patients who have a heightened gag reflex may benefit from panorex x-rays as these don’t require the insertion of any tools into the oral cavity. Make sure to inform our patients if you struggle with this problem.

Panorex x-rays are safe for patients of all ages, including young children. If you’re pregnant or suspect that you may be, always inform our dentist of the same before getting any x-rays done. X-rays are typically not done on pregnant women as a measure to protect the unborn baby against radiation.

Do you want to start your dental treatment on the right note? Contact Greenlake Dental to enjoy comprehensive Panorex dental imaging.

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