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Dentistry is a precise science. We can’t have crowns and other dental products in fixed sizes like small, medium, and large for patients. At Green Lake Dental in Seattle, our office is equipped with an iTero scanner that can make our jobs easier and help us provide our patients with better outcomes.

Dental devices and equipment need to be custom-made for each patient. When a dental device fits properly, it will do its job more efficiently without harming the patient or making them uncomfortable. iTero is a digital scanner that we can use to map the mouth and create 3D images. It’s become so popular that many patients have asked us about iTero scanner in Seattle.

What Do iTero Scanners Do?

We need to measure a person’s teeth before setting them up with dental crowns, veneers, or Invisalign aligners. To acquire these measurements, dentists used to rely on a mold. Recently, however, we started to use digital scanners because they’re more convenient and accurate. iTero scanners can produce detailed 3D images of a person’s dental cavity and teeth.

Using a small wand, we can capture thousands of frames per second. All of these images are automatically put together to create a 3D image. iTero’s wands are small so they don’t make patients gag. The final image is displayed on the screen, so we can determine whether or not it’s suitable for use. This can save time instead of waiting to find out from the lab that the measurements aren’t usable.

Improving Dental Outcomes

At Green Lake Dental, we acquire technology that helps us provide better services to our patients. This is why we chose to add iTero scanners to our practice. The scans capture by iTero can be shared between other providers and us. For example, we can share them with the lab that will manufacture your crown or veneers. The scans can also be shared with Invisalign and used to show you what your smile will look like after orthodontic treatment.

There are no side effects to using an iTero scanner. You will remain comfortable throughout the scan. No precautions need to be taken, and it’ll be over before you know it.

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