Intraoral Camera

Intraoral camera

Here at Greenlake Dental, we are all about using technology to better our patients’ experiences. We have invested in various frontline dental technology to complement our dentist’s vast experience. The outcome is a high standard of dental care as well as increased patient comfort and relaxation. Among our highly effective and efficient tools is our intraoral camera.

An intraoral camera is a small, handheld digital scanner that projects images of the interior of your oral cavity onto a computer monitor. This way, both the dentist and the patient have a clear, unobstructed, and detailed view of the dental issue within the mouth.

How it Works

During your appointment, our dentist is interested in determining the extent of your dental needs. Our intraoral camera allows our dentist to have a comprehensive view of your oral cavity, which leads to an accurate diagnosis. A definitive diagnosis translates into a personalized treatment plan and, ultimately, successful treatment.

You will be asked to relax on the dentist’s chair while our dentist pans the intraoral camera slowly and gently throughout your oral cavity. You can observe the projected images on the computer screen so you can have a good look at your cavities, fillings, dental restorations, and other aspects of your dental health. You don’t need sedation or anesthesia during this process. Once the dentist has captured sufficient images, the next step involves determining the best course of treatment for you.

Advantages of an Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is an integral part of optimal dental care. It offers various benefits to patients and dentists alike, including:

  • An intraoral camera produces high-quality and clear images and from multiple angles. In comparison to x-rays, intraoral cameras have a broader scope. As such, an intraoral camera is highly effective in the identification of dental problems.
  • The intraoral camera allows us to easily and quickly produce multiple copies or photocopies of your dentition, just in case we need to refer you to a specialist or for insurance purposes.
  • Intraoral cameras are radiation-free. We understand that radiation is usually a concern for many patients. While conventional dental radiography exposes patients to minimal levels of radiation, intraoral cameras eliminate this exposure.

Thanks to the intraoral camera, you can have crisp and accurate images of your teeth captured at various stages of your treatment. This allows us to monitor progress carefully and keep you on the right path to successful outcomes.

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