Digital X-rays in Seattle, WA

dental xray machine
At Greenlake Dental in Seattle, WA, we have digital x-rays in-office for the convenience of our patients. Instead of leaving the office, getting an x-ray, then coming back, you can now have everything you need to be done right here at Greenlake Dental. Digital x-rays are valuable to us for several reasons.

Before most interventions, we’ll need an x-ray to assess the state of your teeth and jawbones. We can also use x-rays during check-ups to make sure there’s nothing we’re not missing. X-rays are considered safe for almost everyone, so you have nothing to worry about while getting one. Digital x-rays, available here, scan your oral cavity and bring the images up directly on the screen.

Safety of X-rays

People worry about x-rays because they expose the body to radiation. Radiation can lead to free radicals and, ultimately, cancer, but for this to happen, a person has to be exposed to massive amounts of radiation. X-rays, on the other hand, emit very little radiation and are considered safe for adults and children.

We usually avoid x-rays in infants and pregnant women. Pregnant women have developing babies inside them that are more susceptible to small amounts of radiation than a healthy adult. To further protect against radiation, we might give you a lead apron to wear around your waist to protect your chest and neck.

Digital x-rays contain an even lower radiation threat compared to regular x-rays. That’s why we invested in digital x-rays because we care about the safety of our patients and their overall well-being.

Reasons for an X-ray

There’s indeed a lot we can find out from examining your oral cavity. It’s also true that there are things we can miss because we simply can’t see them. A person with a dental cavity will need an x-ray, so we know the full depth and extent of the cavity. A proper assessment of the underlying problem helps us prepare the right treatment plan to deal with it.

An x-ray might also be needed before an implant or a bridge. Since x-rays are great at seeing teeth and bones, they’re heavily relied upon in the world of dentistry as opposed to CTs and MRIs.

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