Is It Possible to Have A Root Canal Done in One Visit?

Is It Possible to Have A Root Canal Done in One Visit?

Feb 07, 2022

The root canal is the hollow part inside a tooth that houses the nerve endings and living tissue. It’s called the pulp. The most effective treatment for an infected tooth is to get rid of the infected pulp and seal it permanently. Greenlake Dental has one of the best endodontists in Seattle that offers root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

During root canal treatment, the dentist uses a dental instrument to open the tooth’s crown to access the infected pulp cavity. The dentist then files the canal to slightly widen the canal, and treatment fluids are put inside to remove the damaged tissue, clean the area and disinfect the entire root canal of the tooth.
The dentist then fills the roots with a natural rubber substance called gutta-percha to prevent reinfection and permanently seal the tooth’s opening. Traditionally, treatment involved multiple visits to the dentist. Recently, some dentists have completed the root canal in a single visit.

Multiple Visits

Many root canal treatments require two visits. The first session involves the removal of the damaged parts, cleaning, and disinfection. The second appointment involves treatment filling and closure of the root canal.
The dentist puts some medication such as calcium hydroxide paste on the tooth to ensure total disinfection. The first and the second visit usually ranges between one to three weeks. If the dentist suspects you have other infections, they prefer multiple visit treatment plans to contain flares up if they occur.
Furthermore, there is complete disinfection since the process goes on for a more extended period. Dentists also prefer multiple visits for monitoring of the healing process. Most of these cases involve patients with a complicated medical history.

Single Visit

In pursuit of convenience and efficiency, advanced technology and sophisticated tools have made it possible for the dentist to complete the root canal in one visit. Initially, dentists want to confirm no flare-ups before sealing the tooth. For that reason, a root canal is completed nowadays in a single visit.
According to recent research, sealing the tooth on the same day is highly effective and helps wade infections. The traditional approach, which did not fill the root canal on the same day, encouraged the formation of bacteria inside the pulp before sealing, which often led to reinfection.
A single visit treatment is beneficial since you receive the treatment on the same day, thus saving time and costs. It also reduces the disruptions in your schedule. However, not everyone qualifies for a one-time visit to root canal treatment. Several factors may bar you from receiving the procedure.

  • If the tooth requires secondary treatment
  • When the tooth in question is multi-rooted such as premolar or molar
  • During emergencies, since the dentist’s priority will be to ease pain before deriving an ideal treatment plan
  • In case the tooth is badly damaged and requires more detailed cleaning.

Single-visit root canal treatments are beneficial to the patient and the dentist. They find it easy to treat a condition on a single visit since familiarity with the patient, tooth, and root canal is unnecessary since everything completes in a single sitting.


Although both single and multi-visit treatments are used in root canal treatment effectively, the single-visit treatments are most effective due to the reduced flare-ups. You also save on time which is beneficial. Depending on your situation, both the single visit and the multiple visit approaches may be ideal for you.
At Greenlake Dental, our expert dentists have tremendous experience and handle each case independently. They will evaluate your situation and advice you on the best treatment approach. They will perform a single-visit root canal treatment if you have an excellent medical history. Alternatively, they will recommend the detailed multiple visit treatment plan when you don’t qualify for the single visit plan.

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