Is It Possible To Get Your Teeth Cleaned And Whitened At The Same?

Is It Possible To Get Your Teeth Cleaned And Whitened At The Same?

Aug 01, 2023

Healthy, bright, and straight teeth are a symbol of beauty and self-confidence. However, dental imperfections like teeth stains and discoloration can leave your smile less appealing, causing the need for cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening to achieve a brighter and more appealing smile.

If you’re considering teeth whitening and your dental cleaning appointment is approaching, you might wonder whether you can have both procedures simultaneously. While both procedures can help brighten your smile, they serve different purposes. In this article, let’s discuss more details about teeth whitening and dental cleaning and possibly getting both treatments together.

What is Dental Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is a routine dental procedure performed by a dentist 98103 or hygienist to remove bacterial plaque, tartar, debris, and stains from the teeth. They are performed every six months as part of preventive dental care. The dentist uses specialized dental tools and techniques to scrub off stubborn deposits or stains from teeth and along the gum line.

It reduces plaque and tartar buildup in the mouth, significantly reducing the risk of gum disease, decay, and other oral issues. After the cleaning, the dentist also polishes your teeth for a smoother and brighter appearance.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth bleaching or whitening is a cosmetic procedure that removes surface teeth stains for a brighter smile. Teeth whitening can be accomplished in various methods, including in-office professional treatments or at-home options.

Teeth whitening involves applying bleaching agents such as carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to the teeth. These agents penetrate the tooth enamel and break down the stains, resulting in a brighter shade.

Combining Dental Cleaning and Teeth Whitening

In most cases, dental cleaning and teeth whitening are separate procedures, often performed at different appointments. While dental cleanings are performed regularly as a preventive measure, teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment used to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

However, there are instances where dental professionals may choose to combine these procedures in a single appointment. While this can be beneficial, it requires careful considerations, including:

  • Preparing for teeth whitening

Before most dental treatments, our dentist in Seattle, WA, will assess your oral health. Existing oral issues like tooth decay or gum disease must be addressed before teeth whitening.

Dental cleaning is an essential part of professional teeth whitening. Before whitening your teeth, the dentist cleans your teeth and mouth to remove surface debris and stains. It improves the contact between the whitening agents and teeth, making your treatment more effective.

  • Customized treatment

Since every patient has different conditions and needs, our dentist at 98103 will assess your specific situation and develop a personalized treatment plan. This plan allows dental cleaning and teeth whitening on a single or separate appointment. For instance, if you have dentin hypersensitivity, getting both in a single appointment can cause significant discomfort. The dentist can recommend performing them separately.

  • Professional supervision

Dental cleaning and teeth whitening in your dentist’s office improve your chances of qualifying for a single appointment. Since both conditions can make your teeth and gums sensitive, the dentist can ensure proper isolation and protection of your gums, minimizing your risk of complications.

  • Teeth whitening limitation

While dental cleanings are medically essential for oral health, teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, meaning it’s not medically necessary. It also means that it’s not suitable for everyone. You might not qualify for teeth whitening treatment if you have underlying health issues like enamel erosion, decay, and gum disease. In such a case, you can get alternative options like dental veneers.

When to Visit our dental office

Suppose you’re interested in teeth whitening and dental cleanings and exams. In that case, the best thing is to visit a dental clinic near you or contact our local dentist for a professional assessment. The dentist will determine your condition and needs and provide professional advice to ensure optimal oral health and enhanced appearance. For more information about teeth whitening and dental cleanings, contact Greenlake Dental.

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