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3D CBCT stands for dental cone beam computed tomography (CT). At Green Lake Dental in Seattle, WA, filming a patient’s teeth using x-rays isn’t always enough. We might require more detailed imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning. Cone-beam CTs (3D CBCTs) can help us acquire the details we need to provide our patients with the best dental care.

Our patients don’t need to go looking for a CT or 3D CBCT in Seattle, WA. We have a dental cone beam CT here in our office at Green Lake Dental. We can now get the scans we need in as little time as possible in a single visit.

3D CBCT Uses

At Green Lake Dental, we have a variety of uses for dental cone beam CTs. We can use them for orthodontic planning when preparing to fit a patient with braces or clear aligners to straighten their teeth. These scans can also be used to diagnose conditions like TMD and others that affect the jawbones, sinuses, and nerve canals.

Following trauma, patients who need dental implants and reconstructive surgery might need 3D CBCTs. Knowing a person’s jaw anatomy can help us prepare better for surgery and restorative options like implants. The more we know, the lower the likelihood of complications and intra-operative surprises.

Getting Scanned

Patients don’t need to take any precautions before their scans. If you’re wearing jewelry, you might need to take it off during the scan because it can distort the images. Otherwise, no special preparation is needed. Patients will be asked to sit or lie down, and the scanner will rotate around their faces.

The scan will take less than a minute from start to finish. If we’re only scanning a specific area of the mouth, it can take less than 20 seconds. No form of anesthesia is required before or after the procedure. It is completely painless, and you won’t feel anything. After getting scanned, patients can resume their day freely without any side effects or restrictions.

We will review the scans and give you our recommendations on what would be the next best step. If you have any questions, let us know.

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